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Most people now communicate and keep in touch with the rest of the world through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. A huge part of these sites is the photo sharing feature. Perhaps you have already come across several photos which have an elegant vintage touch to them. After all, Instagram is quite popular today and is commonly used to upload pictures online. This app allows users to apply various types of filters easily to their photos, bringing out their inner photography potentials.

Indeed Instagram will not only provide a tool for people to develop and enhance their skill in photography, but is also a great instrument for users to socialize with people and market their businesses with the use of pictures.

Long-Time Photography App

Instagram has been around since the year 2010. Since then, it has been available for free in the iTunes App Store. Hence more and more people are making use of it in their iPhones, iPods, and iPads. Just a few months ago, it was also introduced to Android phone users. Its phenomenal success has therefore grown even more.

Starting an Account

It is very simple to create an account on Instagram. You just have to input a username and password without any cost at all. It is essential that you have an account because this app works as a social network too and not merely a photography app.

Enjoying the Social Network Aspect

Similar to other social networking sites, your photo stream can be followed by other users. At the same time, you can also do the same to those on Instagram. This way, you can constantly be updated of the pictures that they post.

If you want to search for people that you know or for the "friends" that you already have, you can simply click on the "Profile" icon. You can even find those which you are connected to already in other social networks like Facebook.

Naturally, once you follow someone's stream, his or her photos will already emerge regularly on your feed. Just click on the "Feed" icon and you can instantly keep track of the posts of those you are following. As you check the pictures out, you can comment on them or press "Like".

On the other hand, whenever you take a snapshot of something with the use of Instagram, this picture will appear on the feeds of those who are following you. You may want to also go over the "Popular" portion in order to view creative and unique photos and also to see the new users.

Making the Most of the Photography Aspect

Once you have already downloaded and installed Instagram on your mobile phone, all you have to do is to open it and take a picture. Look for the "Share" icon to take a photo that you can post on your page.

Now you have several options for your photos. You can simply select the green checkmark which is found on the picture and this will improve the picture's texture, color, and overall appearance in an instant. You can choose from different filters which you will see at the bottom part of the screen.

Here are the common filters that are available on Instagram: AmaroRiseHudsonX-pro IILomo-fiEarlybirdSutroToasterBrannanInkwellWaldenHefeValenciaNashville1977Kelvin
Just choose to apply the filter that you select so you can check out the preview. Once you have decided on the filter, you will then be allowed to select which social network you would like to share it in. You may also opt to add a caption.

Photo Sharing on the Internet

There is a way to set up your Instagram in order to have easy access to Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Posterous, Flickr, Tumblr, and your e-mail. If you configure all of these to be "On", then your photo will immediately be posted to your accounts in all these once you choose "Done". If there is a network which you do not want to share your snapshot in, then all you have to do is set it to "Off".

Of course you can expect to be taken to a configuration page for a particular social network every time you snap a picture. This way, you can set up the posts properly.

At the same time, all your followers on Instagram will still be able to see your pictures in their feeds. This is why you ought to delete the photos you take with this app that you do not want shared with others.

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