Three new stories today. One by frequent contributor C.D. Carter and two by me. You can follow Carter on twitter @CDCarter13.

His story is about a town with a Halloween problem. It's town history is built on strange religions and celebrating Halloween. It's part of what some might call a long term project.

The FITFO story is inspired by something I recently learned jerks say. I apologize for the harsh language but I figure anyone reading these stories is adult enough to deal with it. I also wrote it to try and play on what's going on a lot with the media and politics as it relates to big rich guys and regular people. I'm not actually on the side of the Occupy type crowd, it was just a story I had an idea for.

My second story is inspired by my excitement to see the Dark Knight Rises. I literally can't wait to see it, but I did hesitate on publishing it and the previous Batman centered story. I've gotten into a few arguments with people on the interwebs about using copyrighted material or how some people feel its their right to download things illegally. So I thought wouldn't it be kind of the same by writing a Batman story?

But I decided to for several reasons. 1) c'mon, fair use. 2) I'm not making one single penny and 3) if I can talk about the movie in this blog its almost like advertising for the movie. Like when the news does stories about it or stories appear in magazines, only they are actually making money.

So anyway, can't wait to see the movie and if your reading this feel free to contact me at or use one of the submission forms to talk about writing a guest blog post. See ya.

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