Well, I'm still testing out this blog function. Right now I'm going to use it to talk about the Featured Story of the Day: "Another Day, Another Million Deaths"

I get my story ideas from mostly just going about my day. If someone, or several someones, almost run into me on the highway then I write a story about road rage. If I'm feeling super excited about The Dark Knight Rises, then I write a story about Batman (The Fire Rises).

Todays story I got the idea for after hearing someone mention the Grim Reaper on one of the many podcasts I listen to. They mentioned it in passing and it made me think a story about the Grim Reaper would be cool. So I do what I always try to do when I'm out and about (btw, do we really need the "about" part of out and about?). I opened up my phone and went to the "notes" app and wrote down the idea real quick. In this case all I wrote was "Grim Reaper story". Sometimes all I'll write at first is the title and that is enough to make me remember what it is I wanted to write about. Other times if I'm able I'll just take a few minutes and write the whole story right then.

Stories or ideas of the Grim Reaper being tired aren't new. They've been done many times from "Death takes a holiday" to the movie "Meet Joe Black" and I think several episodes of Family Guy.

So I knew this wasn't exactly an original idea and I didn't have a lot of space to get the idea across due to my self imposed restrictions on Miniature Fiction. So I wanted to quickly get a story told that showed the Grim Reaper feels like he needs a vacation not just because he works all the time, but because he remembers each and every person he encounters and is sad from sending the vast majority to hell.

Anyway, if your reading feel free to submit a story, new authors are always welcome.

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