I've already seen the movie, but this is a little blog post I wrote before that. I'll wait till its been out longer before I say anything spoilerish. This preview contains no spoilers. My excitement over this movie inspired several of the very short stories that have appeared lately.

Top 5 Things I’m Looking Forward To In The Dark Knight Rises

1. Bane: I was very skeptical when I first saw this look for Bane, but lets be serious, Bane in any format of Batman hasn’t exactly looked like a reasonable character. His character design has always been extreme. I’m looking forward to seeing how he is portrayed, is he just a strong mastermind or is there some element of him being unnaturally strong like there has been in the comics and other incarnations? Does he break Bruce Wayne’s/Batman’s back like he does in the comics, or does he just severly injure him? What’s with the large time gap that is supposed to take place in the movie? I don’t know, but I can’t wait to find out.

2. The music. I loved the music for both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises and am greatly looking forward to the music for this. I have both on my iPod and also the soundtrack to Inception, which is also by Hanz Zimmer, so clearly I’m somewhat of a fan. Can’t wait. Now, you might be asking if I can’t wait, then why don’t I go get the soundtrack which just went on sale this week? Because I don’t want to be spoiled. Soundtrack titles often spoil things and I’d rather hear the music for the first time with the movie.

3. What is Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s role exactly? I’ve been trying very hard to stay away from spoilers for this movie and his character holds a lot of mystery. He is another example of Chrisopher Nolan using an actor/actress that he loves in multiple movies. Michael Cain has appeared in seemingly all of Nolan’s movies and it looks like Gordon-Levitt has joined those ranks. But does he play a good guy? A bad guy? Some movie version of Robin or Nightwing? A movie version of Azrael (google it if you choose to, or not if your worried about potential spoilers). I don’t know, but I’m excited to find out.

4. Batman, duh: So many mysteries around Batman and Bruce Wayne for this movie. Just taking information from the trailer it becomes clear that he gets injured and has to make some kind of comeback. But how badly is he injured? How long does he stay away from being Batman? Years? What makes him come back? Does he die in the end? so many questions and I’m gonna find out on midnight Thursday night/Friday morning. Not only that but also the action, Chris Nolan makes Batman have INCREDIBLE action in his movies. Much more advanced than any previous incarnation of Batman on the big screen and he does it all for real, or at least seemingly for real. Not a whole crap ton of CGI-mess like that stupid Green Lantern movie.

5. The story, what’s it really going to be. Just like in The Dark Knight (spoiler alert) we knew the Joker would be there causing mayhem, thats what he does. But we didn’t know just how much, we didn’t realize the mind games that would be played, the major characters he would kill or ruin. So sure, we know Bane is going to be around and at some point he’s going to hurt Bats. But what else is going on? What stories is Chris Nolan drawing from? To make the previous two movies he drew heavily from Batman Year One, The Long Halloween, Dark Victory and maybe a couple others. For this one obviously there is a big Knightfall reference because that’s where we first meet Bane? But what else. I can’t wait to find out.

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